Support & Initiatives

Our Initiatives

To learn more, please contact Gabby Rios, 

UndocuAlly Directory

Click here to learn more. 

Mariposa Emergency Fund 

Click here to learn more. 

UndocuAlly Signage

OMA has created signage for staff to hang up in their office spaces and graphics to include in their email signatures to designate themselves and their spaces as safe for undocumented students. 

Undocumented Student Support Working Group

OMA is leading a working group of various campus partners that intend on broadening undocumented student support across the institution. 

UndocuAlly Training 

SU will sometimes offer UndocuAlly training in collaboration with UW’s Leadership Without Borders. 

Undocumented Law Student Association

Not overseen by OMA, but is a student organization dedicated to highlighting the undocumented student experience in the SU Law School.

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