DEEP: Diversity and Equity Education Program

 *DEEP is currently under construction* IF you have any questions, please contact Ariana Chini, Program Coordinator of Office of Multicultural Affairs at or 206.296.6070.

 What's DEEP?

Members of the Diversity & Equity Education Program (DEEP) are Social Justice Peer Educators who create and facilitate activities focused on issues relating to race, gender, class, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation, and global engagement. Past DEEP events have included Courageous Conversations, Strategies for Liberation Workshops, Amplify Justice Rallies, and Artistic Justice Showcases. Members of DEEP engage in self-reflection, genuine dialogue, and ongoing education as they strive to promote the campus community's work toward the social justice mission.

What do past DEEP members have to say about the experience?

"To be a member of DEEP is to be a member of a family away from home--its exciting, challenging,thought-provoking, and most of all, it is incredibly entertaining "

"DEEP consistently keeps me in check with myself. I am held accountable by my DEEP peers to name and examine my complex identity. I am inspired to think more critically about my participation in society/systems/etc. I love the conversations that come out of our meetings and events; conversations that always plant more seeds of thought."

"I love DEEP because of the friendships that I have formed, the projects that I have been involved with, and the Courageous Conversations. It's a wonderful project to be a part of because it has allowed me to do what I love--engage my peers and my school community in critical dialogue and in the process bring about positive change."

"DEEP has instilled within me a deep sense of strength, confidence, a willingness to challenge my preconceived assumptions about myself and others. My experiences in DEEP have forced me to improve my interpersonal communication skills, to stand-up for what I believe in, and to take risks by sharing about myself "