Office of Multicultural Affairs

Student Groups

Black Student Union (BSU)

It is the mission of Seattle University's Black Student Union to be a anchor and pillar of support for African/African American students within Seattle University, and to educate the university and the surrounding demographics about African/African American culture. While the main focus of BSU is to provide outreach and support to African/African American students, the union extends an invitation of participation to any student interested in the African/African American experience.

Chinese Student Association (CSA)

The Chinese Student Association (CSA) is a student club that hopes to spread awareness of the Chinese culture to the rest of the Seattle University campus and surrounding community as well as addressing the contemporary issues that many Chinese Americans encounter in American society today. Being in an institution with Jesuit traditions, CSA will maintain those ties and strengthen the idea of diversity on-campus. Membership is not restricted to Chinese American students. CSA encourages anyone who is interested and wants to increase their awareness about this rich culture.

First Nations Club

We support the academic, personal, and social well being of Native American students at Seattle University. Students enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk with another and facilitate social and cultural exchanges on a personal and public level. Bringing to light the significant contributions Native Americans have made and continue to make on American culture, the club promotes the cultural heritage of first nation peoples to the greater campus community, by confronting stereotypes, promoting sovereignty, and supporting issues relevant to Native Americans.

Hui O Nani Hawai'i

The purpose of Hui O Nani Hawai'i is to provide the students of Seattle University with an opportunity to gather together for the purpose of perpetuating and preserving the culture of Hawai'i. We pride ourselves in being a home away from home for the students of Seattle University who are interested in and/ or from Hawai'i. By offering various events and activities we create opportunities to build lasting friendships and unforgettable memories for the duration of your time at Seattle University.


 Marianas Taotao Tano

We, the students of the Marianas Taotao Tano Club of Seattle University, recognize the importance of preserving, celebrating and sharing cultural identity. Taotao Tano (people of the land) reflects our pride and commitment to our culture and our islands, to serve and give back to the land from which we come. It is the mission of this organization to uphold these values not only in the Mariana Islands but here in the Seattle community. In doing so, we strive to create a family--a home away from home. "Man megot hit na taotao sa'man megot hit na familia" (We are a strong people because we are a strong family).

Movimiento Esudiantil Chicano/A De Aztlan (Mecha)

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan), is a student operated organization that has its origins within the social movements of California during the late 1950's aimed at ending social inequalities. M.E.Ch.A. has now grown into a national student organization and has maintained its goals for higher education, empowerment and social justice for the Latino community as a whole.

A primary tenet of to encourage Chicano youth to pursue higher education for the liberation of the oppressed and exploited. Empowerment is believed by M.E.Ch.A. to be obtained through knowledge and self-awareness of our indigenous past, present and potential future. A main principle that M.E.Ch.A. ingrains in its members is the idea that Chicano is not just limited to people of Mexican descent; but rather, Chicano stands for the ideology of fighting for social justice regardless of "race", sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, etc. In short, M.E.Ch.A. aims to build solidarity within the Latino community as a whole and like-minded individuals, clubs, communities, etc in the fight to end social inequalities.

Triangle Club

In the Jesuit tradition of education and celebration of diversity, the Triangle Club provides resources regarding the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Allies (hereafter GLBTQA) community. In the tradition of acceptance, the club is open to all races, faiths, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds. In an effort to create an atmosphere which is not conducive to ignorance, discrimination, and intolerance, the club shall make all efforts necessary to provide education and information for all who wish to learn more about the GLBTQA community.

United Filipino Club (UFC)

We strive to provide members of the campus community with an opportunity to further their knowledge of the Filipino culture and traditions. Through our events and activities we hope to create a sense of family, as well as promote community involvement and awareness of our heritage to bring meaning to our identity as Filipino-Americans or as members who wish to share this culture. We also aim to foster development of leaders that will continuously educate themselves beyond their academic experience to affect the greater community.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

The Vietnamese Student Association is composed of proud and diverse individuals who desire to sustain, enrich and share the unique values and traditions of Vietnam with the Seattle University community as well as the surrounding communities. As VSA continues to achieve its mission through annual cultural, academic, and social events such as the Xuan Festival and Spring Night, we also encourage our members to bridge with VSA of Washington as well as other ethnic clubs in promoting diversity, education and social justice. Those who come to VSA discover a sense of connection and belonging as well as vast opportunities for involvement and service.