Food Security

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Food Security Initiatives operate within the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) and actively support the mission of OMA.

Food Security Initiatives provides empowering resources to any Seattle University affiliate with a SU ID, especially those who are experiencing perpetual hunger. We work from a collective understanding that many experience hunger and that educational institutions often do not provide ample enough or healthy enough resources. Our work is to radically humanize the student experience and make equitable these resources, allowing students to sustain themselves and to thrive at Seattle University. 

These initiatives have only been made possible through the activism and advocacy of the Gender Justice Center here at Seattle University. The Gender Justice Center championed food security and food justice work on campus. It is due to their determination that the food pantry and programming has been highlighted as a priority for the Seattle University community. 

Food Security Initiatives

  • Dining Cards — anyone with a Seattle University ID Card may come to the Office of Multicultural Affairs (Pavilion 180), fill out a brief registration form, and will be given a dining card preloaded with $100. These cards can be access by an individual every two weeks. 
  • Food Pantry — The pantry is open three times a week for students to utilize once per week.
  • Educational Programming - In order to develop a deeper understanding of food justice issues and hunger, we will be offering a variety of active and passive programming in collaboration with campus and community partners.