Emergency Redhawk Dining Cards

Emergency Redhawk Dining Cards

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Emergency Redhawk Dining Cards?

Similar to our OMA Emergency Fund, the Emergency Redhawk Dining Cards are available to provide resources for non-tuition related financial emergencies. 

The Emergency Redhawk Dining Cards are intended to provide temporary food assistance for students while they recover from unexpected financial hardship and find longer-term solutions for their financial circumstances.  

What is considered an “unexpected financial emergency” or hardship?

  • Unexpected economic challenge, such as a sudden loss of employment for a household’s sole provider
  • Uninsured dental or medical emergency
  • Victim of a crime or accident
  • Displacement due to unsafe, unhealthy, or unpredictable living conditions

Where can I use the Emergency Redhawk Dining Cards?

You can use these funds at any on-campus dining facilities.

How is the decision about eligibility made?

The decision is based on the applicant’s responses to a series of questions that are designed to get a better understanding of their financial circumstances. Specifically, we want to understand the nature of the unexpected financial emergency that the student is experiencing and how it is having an impact on their access to basic needs, such as food. We then consult with Student Financial Services to ensure that the applicant has utilized all available financial aid before making a final determination about eligibility.

Who is or is not eligible to receive the Emergency Redhawk Dining Card?

The most clear eligibility criteria are as follows:

Students who MAY be eligible:

  • Must be experiencing an unexpected financial emergency or hardship (see list of examples above)
  • Must be a currently enrolled and/or matriculated student at Seattle University
  • Must have been awarded all appropriate grant and loan sources of financial aid
  • Must be actively pursuing sustainable forms of self-support such as part-time employment, scholarships, or government-funded food assistance

Students who are NOT eligible:

  • Currently live on-campus and have a required meal plan
  • Have not exhausted your financial aid eligibility (grants and loans)
  • Are unemployed but qualify for unemployment benefits

How much assistance could I receive?

Eligible students will be able to receive up to $500 in food aid per program year (Summer Quarter to Spring Quarter), depending on the applicant’s financial circumstances, the nature of the financial emergency, and the availability of program funds.

Why is there a limit to the amount of aid I may receive?

Based on the funding currently available and the usage data we have collected over the last year, $500 per program year is the maximum aid an individual student can receive to ensure that we are able to support as many students as possible.

Now that I’ve applied, what is the timeline? When will I hear back?

Please allow for 3-5 business days for our staff to review your application. If denied, you will receive an email with a brief rationale for our decision. If approved, you will receive information regarding the amount of assistance you will receive and when you can pick up the Emergency Redhawk Dining Card.

I ran out of my Emergency Redhawk Dining Card. Can I apply for more assistance?

If you have met the maximum aid amount of $500 in one program year (Summer Quarter to Spring Quarter), you will not receive additional assistance through the Emergency Redhawk Dining Card program. You can, however, reapply the next program year if you experience another unexpected financial emergency.

If you have not met the maximum aid amount of $500, you are welcome to apply for additional assistance if you are experiencing another unexpected financial emergency. 

What other food resources are available?

The SU Food Pantry provides free, supplementary food to all students, staff, and faculty with a current Seattle U ID card. Any SU affiliate is welcome to utilize the SU Food Pantry once a week to supplement their groceries. 

The Emerald City Resource Guide produced by REAL CHANGE is a resource that may be helpful.

Washington state residents may qualify for state assistance through Basic Food (SNAP). To check eligibility, please visit the Department of Social and Health Services website.

How do I appeal a denial?

If you’ve received a notice of denial and believe the decision was in error, you may appeal the decision. To initiate an appeal, please email Michelle Kim at kimmi@seattleu.edu and state that you wish to appeal the denial. We will send you a copy of your application and a deadline by which to submit your appeal. You will be asked to submit a brief explanation (no more than 200 words) detailing why you believe the decision was in error.

How do I give feedback about the Emergency Redhawk Dining Card program?

We welcome and value feedback from our students and campus community. We are continuing to learn and grow in our ability to best support our students and best steward this limited resource. Your feedback is valuable so that we may better understand the needs of our students and the impact of the Food Security Initiatives. You can email us your feedback or questions anytime at oma@seattleu.edu.

Where does the funding for these cards come from?

Funding for the Emergency Redhawk Dining Card program comes from our partnership with Chartwells as well as student donations of unused meal plan dollars.

What happens to the information submitted in my application?

The information you provide on this form is kept as a confidential part of your student record. The Office of Multicultural Affairs may use aggregated and anonymized data from applications to assess the effectiveness of the program, understand the financial pressures facing SU students, and make adjustments to the program to better serve students in the future.