Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions. Current students can find more information on the Redhawk Hub.

Directory Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) designates certain information related to students as directory information and gives the University the right to disclose such information to anyone inquiring without having to ask students for permission.

You can prevent your directory information from being disclosed to third parties by submitting the Directory Information Remove or Prevent Disclosure form.

For more information, please visit our FERPA page.

Addresses (mailing, local, and home), phone numbers, email, and emergency contact information can be updated through mySeattleU.

The Student Update Form is used to change/update a student's preferred name, legal name, gender, social security number (SSN), birthdate, or race/ethnicity. 

Access to the form and information about submitting supporting documents can be found on our Student Information page.


Holds can be viewed on the landing page of mySeattleU and in a notification box at the top right corner of Student Planning.

To remove the hold, please contact the department that assigned the restriction.


For more information on auditing courses, please visit our Audit Courses page.


No, minors or majors cannot be added once you have graduated from your program at Seattle University.

All degree and minor requirements must be satisfied prior to such posting. A minor will not be posted after a first baccalaureate degree has been awarded.

For more information, please review the Undergraduate Minors (84-01) policy.


Please review when your degree will be posted on the Academic Important Dates calendar.

Electronic Diplomas: 

Once your degree is posted, your electronic diploma will be available in approximately 4 weeks. 

You will receive an email to your Seattle U email address with more information on how to obtain it around the same time it becomes available. 

*Electronic diplomas are only available to students graduating Fall Quarter 2022 and later. 

Printed Diplomas: 

Once your degree is posted, please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your printed diploma via regular USPS mail from our third-party printer. 

Your current mailing address is where your printed diploma will be mailed directly to. You can update your mailing address on mySeattleU under your User Profile. 

You may order a duplicate diploma by submitting a Special Request to the Office of the Registrar.

Duplicate diplomas cost $25. Please call Student Financial Services at 206-220-8020 to make the payment for your duplicate diploma order.

Addresses and phone numbers (mailing, local, home, e-mail) as well as emergency contact information, can be updated through mySeattleU.

Transferring Credits

Semester credit is translated into quarter credit by multiplying the amount of semester credit by 1.5. 

  • 1 semester credit = 1.5 quarter credits 
  • 2 semester credits = 3 quarter credits 
  • 3 semester credits = 4.5 quarter credits* 
  • 4 semester credits = 6 quarter credits 
  • 5 semester credits = 7.5 quarter credits 

*Most 5-credit courses at Seattle University can be satisfied by an equivalent transfer course that is equivalent to at least 4 quarter credits.

Please review our Advanced Placement (75-16) policy for a list of AP scores.

No, the number of credits transferred to SU will be indicated on your SU transcript. Grades and course titles from other institutions will not appear on your transcript. Please refer to our Transfer Policy (77-01).

No, our office does not provide transcripts from other institutions. Please reach out to the specific institution for your transcript.

Transcript and Grades

To view your grades on mySeattleU: 

  • Sign into mySeattleU 
  • Select the “Academics tab” in the left grey navigation menu 
  • Select Grades from the drop-down menu 
  • Select the term 

To view unofficial transcripts: 

  • Sign into mySeattleU 
  • Select the “Academics” tab in the left grey navigation menu 
  • Under Academics, select “Unofficial Transcript”

Note: If you do not remember your login information, please contact the ITS Service Desk. They will need your SU ID number so if you do not remember that, please follow the directions here to request it from the Office of the Registrar.

Please refer to our Grades page for more information.

For more information and to order your official transcript, please visit our Transcripts page.