Student Conduct Records

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for maintaining files on all student conduct cases and for releasing information about student records in compliance with the requirements of FERPA and University policy. Conduct records are generally maintained for seven (7) years from the date of the final disposition of a case. Records related to suspension, dismissal, and sexual misconduct are retained permanently.

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Notification & Release of Information

The Office of the Vice President for Student Development is responsible for releasing information about student conduct cases, and any release of information will comply with the requirements of FERPA and University policy.

Names of students being investigated or charged with Code violations will not be released, except permitted by law or University policy.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Development will inform University officials, including specific faculty or staff, about a student’s involvement in a conduct case in those instances where the University official has a legitimate educational interest in knowing such information. By way of example, this may include but is not limited to the Office of the Provost, deans, academic administrators, faculty advisors, financial aid, ROTC, Athletics, Public Safety, student organization advisors, scholarship committees, study abroad, Housing and Residential Life, or Counseling and Psychological Services.

Request for Records

If a student (or alumni) wishes to release student conduct records, they can do so by submitting a Release of Information Form using their Seattle University credentials. Students should submit their requests at least 7 business days in advance of their desired deadline. Examples of reasons for requests are outlined below.

Current and former students can request a copy of all non-confidential information contained in their student conduct record. Records will be reviewed and confidential information redacted prior to their release.

Please contact your Conduct Administrator at least 24 business hours before the scheduled hearing to arrange a time to view documents related to a hearing. You will be able to review the documents in an office area and take notes, but you will not be able to copy or keep the documents. You may request personal copies of the records by following the process above. You will also have access to the documents during the scheduled hearing.

As part of a sanction, under circumstances permitted by FERPA, parent(s)/guardian(s) of a student may be notified when a student under the age of 21 is in violation of Alcohol and Drug Policies and/or is placed on Disciplinary Probation, any form of suspension, or dismissed from the University. A student who would like to permit their parent(s)/guardian(s) to speak with the University about their student conduct records must sign a release. The release only permits the University to speak on the individual student's involvement: the University will not acknowledge or discuss the involvement of other students who may be involved.

Students applying for jobs, certification, or graduate programs in certain fields, professions or industries may be required to disclose whether they

have been charged with or found responsible for a violation of the Code. Upon receiving the student's permission or as permitted by law, the University will respond to all such official inquiries. If you have a physical form that needs to be submitted via mail, please follow the process above and mail a stamped and addressed envelope to the Office of the Dean of Students for your request to be fulfilled in the method requested. Stamped and addressed envelopes can be sent to:

Office of the Dean of Students
Eunice MacGill, Student Center 140
Seattle University
901 12th Avenue, PO Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090