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The Office of Sponsored Projects is your resource for identifying funding opportunities relevant to your research, scholarship, programs, or other areas of interest. Below are several resources to get started on your own. If and when you could use a helping hand, please don't hesitate to contact OSP - please reach out early, and often!

GrantForward, a funding opportunity database and recommendation service designed specifically for academic research, is available to all SU community members - faculty, staff and students. GrantForward has many helpful features, including a dynamic search engine with customizable filters and mechanisms for developing regular funding alerts that are sent directly to you on a regular basis of your choosing. Please review our Getting Started with GrantForward guide for assistance setting up your profile.

If you would like OSP support in setting up your GrantForward profile, complete this brief form and/or reach out to OSP.

The OSP maintains this curated funding database with over three hundred opportunities that may be particularly relevant or of interest to the Seattle University community.

Access the Curated Database

How to use this database

  • The database is in alphabetical order by sponsor name.
  • To narrow your search, use the filter options at the top of the database.
    • For example, you can filter by one or more disciplines by selecting the dropdown on the "Discipline" column header, select "Add filter" and then it should read "Where Discipline 'has any of,'" then select the appropriate disciplines from the dropdown.
  • Or, scroll to the right to sort by deadline month.
    • Please note: dates are current as of the most recent solicitation but are subject to change. Please follow the weblink associated with each program for the next upcoming deadline.

The Lemieux Library maintains a comprehensive guide to funding resources include:

  • government funding sources
  • private funding sources
  • SU internal funding sources

Access the Guide

The guide also provides resources on grant seeking and writing. Please contact Yen Tran, Scholarly Services Librarian, with any questions related to these resources.

Curated Fellowship Funding Database

Fellowships and awards are an excellent way to supplement your planned sabbatical leave - whether it be by funding a portion of your salary while on sabbatical, providing the funds you need to travel to a research site, or living in a residential or international setting to complete your sabbatical project. 

The Office of Sponsored Projects supports your fellowship and award proposals, regardless of if they are submitted and awarded directly by you - or by the institution on your behalf. Please reach out early and often to plan for funding for your leave!

The below sections provides some context on the common characteristics of fellowships, logistics to consider, and OSP resources available to you. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a filterable, curated list of fellowship opportunities as a place to get started.

The most important thing when searching for a fellowship is to start early! Please contact your Sponsored Research Officer today to develop your fellowship funding plan - we recommend starting the process 1.5-2 years in advance of a planned sabbatical.

We look forward to working with you!

Summer Faculty Fellowship Program 

Applications for Summer 2025 will open in September 2024.

The Summer Faculty Fellowship (SFF) is open to full-time tenure-track, tenured faculty and full-time librarians who are involved in an active program of scholarship. SFF defines scholarship to include: discovery, integration, application, and teaching.  The program provides salary support for efforts to build on previous scholarly or creative endeavors (e.g., for the writing of scholarly products or grant proposals) or to move projects in a new direction (research that could provide the basis for future proposals).  The fellowship amount is $7,100 paid during the summer pay periods (summer 2024).  


All full-time tenure-track, tenured faculty and full-time librarians with the following stipulations:  

  • Faculty who received an SFF award in the previous two summers (2022 or 2023) are not eligible
  • Faculty receiving summer research stipend/salary from another SU funding program or endowed chair are not eligible
  • Faculty receiving a summer stipend/salary from an external grant or fellowship are not eligible
  • Recipients may not teach more than one summer course
  • Full-time employment the subsequent year is required for receipt of funds (faculty on sabbatical will be counted as full-time employees during their sabbatical)

Proposal Requirements

Applications will only be accepted through the online form including a cover sheet (online questions) and an upload for your proposal narrative.

The proposal should be a maximum of 5 pages single spaced. Please be sure to write your proposal for an audience of colleagues not in your discipline, addressing the following sections:

  • Introduction, significance and purpose of the project (How does the project contribute to significant questions or knowledge in your discipline?)
  • Description of the project, including goals, expected results, and timeline
  • Benefits of the project to applicant’s research program and specifically how the program will be advanced
  • Previous levels of research support received and summary of results, and specifically if your research has benefited from a previous Summer Faculty Fellowship.

You will also be asked to upload your CV, including an relevant trainings, presentations, or publications. The CV should be a maximum of 5 pages single spaced.

Review and Notification

The review committee is made up of nine faculty members from across campus whom have previously received a Summer Faculty Fellowship or other internal SU funding.

Selected recipients will be notified in early 2024. All applicants will receive feedback in early 2024. 

SFF Review Criteria

  • Clarity of proposal - needs to be easily understood by readers not in the discipline (10 pts.)
  • Significance of topic within the applicant’s academic discipline (10 pts.)
  • Project’s potential to advance the applicant’s program of research (10 pts.)
  • Realistic project completion timeline (5 pts.)
  • Results from previous research support or potential for continued scholarship (5 pts.)

Seattle University offers a variety of internal funding to support your scholarship. Review AY23-24 campus-wide internal funding opportunities on the Center for Faculty Development Internal Faculty Funding Opportunities Overview.


Have you found a funding opportunity to apply for? 

Please complete our Notification of Intent to Apply form to notify OSP of your intent to submit as soon as possible in the process.

Limited Submissions

A Limited Submission is a funding opportunity in which the sponsor sets an institutional limit for the number of proposals it will accept. To participate, the University must organize to submit our most competitive proposal(s). This requires an internal competition. The process is critical; extra submissions can result in all proposals being rejected by the sponsor. The following procedure applies when the limited submission requires institutional nomination or letters of recommendation. Limited submissions that are specific to certain colleges and do not require broad institutional approval should typically be managed internally by the relevant college's process (deans or peer committee selection); OSP is available to assist, as necessary.

No current competitions.

Please contact if you are aware of a limited submission opportunity that should be noted here. Thank you!

Seattle University requires an internal review and selection process for any funding opportunity that limits the number of applications, nominations, or proposals that an institution is eligible to submit to a sponsor. Before applying for an opportunity with limited submission requirements, applicants must follow the below process to receive approval from the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) to submit on behalf of Seattle University.

  • OSP advertises and posts limited submission opportunities on website
  • Interested faculty notifies OSP of intent to apply by notification deadline noted on the limited submission opportunity table
  • OSP will notify applicants within two business days if the level of interest warrants an internal review
  • If an internal review is needed, OSP will request the internal application materials 
  • Applicants submit internal application materials by deadline (typically 7-10 days)
  • The OSP will develop an appropriate review committee based on funding opportunity and related disciplines to review materials and select nominees for Associate Provost approval
  • OSP will notify applicants in a timely manner (typically within two weeks) of selected applicants for submission to sponsor
  • Selected applicants complete proposal and submit to OSP with Proposal Transmittal Form for standard internal approval process at least 5 business days prior to sponsor deadline

Internal deadlines are chosen to allow adequate time for the internal review and selection of applications and to allow sufficient time for the selected applicant(s) to meet the agency deadline. Limited submission internal applications require:

  • a two-page letter of intent with a description of project scope including proposed aims and approach, personnel, names of collaborators, and estimated cost summary including institutional support (course releases, student support, equipment needs, etc.)
  • a Biosketch or CV of the PI
  • For programmatic opportunities (i.e. department, college or institutional level changes; not research based), a letter of support from the Dean or Chair will be required. This letter of support signifies that the Dean or Chair have ensured that the nominee and application are likely to be of sufficient quality to be competitive nationally.

All notices of intent or pre-proposals are due to by 5 p.m. on the internal deadline date unless otherwise specified.

The OSP will determine if a campus competition is warranted based on the number of applications received by the internal limited submission deadline and the sponsor guidelines. Participants will be notified if the number of submissions exceeds the sponsor's limit and an internal review is required no later than two business days following the internal deadline.

If the number of participants does not exceed the number of allowable submissions no internal limited submission review will be necessary. However, our standard Proposal Transmittal Form and proposal internal review and approval process is required for all proposals submitted on behalf of the university to the external sponsor.

If the OSP receives more potential submissions than the university is authorized to submit, an internal review and selection process will occur. The Director of OSP will convene a internal review panel as an ad hoc committee (of 3-4 faculty) from relevant field(s) necessary to conduct a fair and thorough review. The review panel should be representative of the applicant disciplines and be composed of individuals each capable of evaluating the research merits of at least one application, although all review members will weigh in on presentation, clarity, adherence to proposal preparation instructions, and alignment with sponsor guidelines.

The limited submission applications  will be ranked by the internal review panel on their likelihood for success for the specific funding opportunity, as well as with the funding sponsor more broadly. The internal review panel will ensure that selected pre-proposals meet all eligibility requirements, are scientifically sound and technically strong, and promote the greater University research mission.

The internal review panel will recommend an applicant(s) to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs who will select an applicant(s) to move forward to the sponsor. In the case of a tie, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs will make the decision of which applicant to move forward based on the feedback from the review committee and competitiveness of the applicants for the specific proposal. All applicants will be notified of the results and provided with a summary of the review comments, if available.

In special cases where the sponsor program guidelines require a large institutional commitment or coordination, the selection process will incorporate a second layer of review by senior administrators.

Once selected, the applicant has the responsibility to submit a timely application following our standard internal review and approval process via the Proposal Transmittal Form and associated policies. Should a candidate wish to decline a nomination, the Director of OSP must be notified within three business days of selection notification. Should a selected candidate decide to not apply but does not inform the Director of OSP within three business days, that person will be ineligible to apply to a limited submission for up to one year.

Interested in applying for a limited submission opportunity?

Please notify us as soon as possible through our notification of intent to apply form.

Contact us OSP

Please reach out - early and often!

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GrantForward, a funding opportunity database and recommendation service designed specifically for academic research, is available to all SU community members - faculty, staff and students. GrantForward has many helpful features, including a dynamic search engine with customizable filters and mechanisms for developing regular funding alerts that are sent directly to you on a regular basis of your choosing. An overview about GrantForward with instructions for getting started with additional step-by-step guides. You can also visit our GrantForward page.

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