Procurement Office

The Procurement Office provides a strategic, campus-wide purchasing function, ensuring the best value for the university.

What We Do

For the university to maintain its financial integrity, we must strive to ensure all purchases are cost-effective in every area of campus. The Procurement Office supports this financial integrity by maximizing value, maintaining appropriate service levels and garnering cost savings across the university.

In order to attain these results, products that the university purchases or takes title to as well as services to be performed in the university’s name should be requested, authorized, received and paid in accordance with stated university policies and procedures.

Internal audiences can find more information, along with our policy statement, in our internal university portal.

Redhawk Hub

Current employees can find more information, along with our policy statement on our internal portal.

Information for Vendors

ProcureSU Vendor Setup

New vendors will need to either complete and submit the Vendor Setup Form and a W-9 form to Procurement, or have a New Vendor Request Form completed in ProcureSU, with a W-9 form uploaded.

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Procurement Office

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