Master of Science in Nursing Advising

Current MSN Student Advising Resources

Each student will be assigned an advisor by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. The assignment of an advisor will take place at the time a student registers for their first class.

The advisor is a resource for program information and advice. Students meet with their advisor a minimum of once a year usually during Fall quarter. Students may not be able to register for Winter quarter until they have met with their academic advisor. 

The academic advisor is not usually the same person as your scholarly project or thesis advisor. Please see the sections of the MSN Handbook on the scholarly project and thesis for information about choosing a committee for your capstone experience.

To learn about faculty areas of interest, see the faculty biosketches in the MSN Handbook or on the website. You may also ask your academic advisor, faculty members, or the Associate Dean of Graduate Education for assistance in identifying faculty whose scholarly interests are similar to yours.

Scholarly Project Proposal Form

Please complete and return a signed Scholarly Project Proposal Form to the Graduate Program Coordinator by the end of your second fall quarter of NURS 5099.

MSN Course Information

All current course information can be found in Seattle University's Graduate Catalog

Student Handbook and Learning Outcomes