Graduate Advising

Graduate Student Resources

All graduate students are assigned a faculty member as an academic advisor. The advisor is a resource for program information and advice. 

Area of Study Program Director and Advisor
DNP - Health Systems Leader Bonnie H. Bowie, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN
DNP - Acute Care Adult Gerontology NP Katherine McCusker, MSN, ARNP, AG-ACNP
DNP - Primary Care Adult Gerontology NP Mary Shelkey, PhD, GNP-BC, ARNP
DNP - Family NP Jenny Curwen, DNP, ARNP, CNM, FNP-C
DNP - Psychiatric Mental Health NP Jonnae Tillman, DNP, PMHNP
DNP - Certified Nurse Midwifery Elizabeth M. Gabzdyl, DNP, CNM
Post-Graduate Certificate - Acute Care NP Katherine McCusker, MSN, ARNP, AG-ACNP

To determine who your advisor is, please visit MySeattleU

What is the CON Graduate Student Handbook and where can I find it?

The CON Graduate Student Handbook is a guide that explain Seattle University College of Nursing's policies and procedures governing the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Post-Graduate Certificate programs. It also includes information about resources and facilities available to students on the Seattle University campus. 

Where can I find my program of study?

Your specific program of study varies based your track and on the year you entered the program. The most recent versions are located on the CON Canvas page.

What is a DNP Project?

A key outcome of the DNP program at Seattle University College of Nursing is completion of a DNP project. The DNP project should provide evidence of the student’s critical thinking and ability to translate research into practice through problem identification, proposal development, implementation, and evaluation. The project also incorporates a systematic review and analysis of the literature on a topic of relevance to advanced nursing practice and vulnerable populations. The DNP project requires supervision by a faculty committee and involves in-depth exploration of a topic with the expectation that the quality of the student work is at a level suitable for submission for publication in the scientific literature. More information about the DNP Project can be found in the CON Graduate Student Handbook

View DNP projects by recent graduates on the SU scholarworks site.

Where can I find forms to register for an Independent Study or to waive a class, etc.?

You can find forms used by the Office of the Registrar on it's Academic Forms Page

Where to Go For Assistance

Topics Contact 

Registration Assistance
Program/Educational Verifications
Submitting Forms to the Registrar
Graduate Events
Student Track Representatives

Emma Adkins
Graduate Program Coordinator

APNI & DNP Admission
Returning Students
Switching Tracks

Oz Sener
Graduate Program Admission Specialist
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Health Packet
CastleBranch Requirements

Lesley Huffman
Manager of Compliance and Scheduling

Clinical Onboarding
Clinical Placement Requests

Christina De Senouillet
Senior Clinical Placement Coordinator

Advising for 1st Year APNI Students

Rebecca Severson
APNI Academic Advisor
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headshot of Emma Adkins

Emma Adkins

Graduate Program Coordinator

(206) 296-6986

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Rebecca Severson

APNI Academic Advisor

(206) 296-2098

Headshot of staff member Oz Sener

Oz Sener

Graduate Program Admission Specialist

(206) 296-2386

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