For Nurses with Master's in Nursing

Seattle University's Doctor of Nursing Practice degree enabled me to take the next step in my career: that is, to address the primary care shortage crisis by giving nurse practitioners the tools they need to succeed in complex community health settings.

DoQuyen Huynh, DNP, ARNP SU Classes of BSN '07, MSN '10, DNP '14

DNP Information Sessions

Wed, August 15, 2018

Wed, September 12, 2018

Thu, October 11, 2018

Tue, November 13, 2018

4:00-6:00 p.m., Engineering 200, Wyckoff Auditorium

SU Graduate Programs Open House

Fri, October 5, 2018

4:00-6:00 p.m., Student Center, First Floor

Become a Health Systems Leader DNP

The DNP program at Seattle University provides nurse leaders a foundation of Jesuit values and social justice preparing them to:

  • Lead and transform health care systems
  • Translate research for practice
  • Engage in interprofessional collaboration
  • Shape public policy
  • Advance the health of populations

Master’s prepared nurses complete a 10-quarter program of study leading to a clinical doctorate in nursing.


Summer Quarter - 8 credits    
6130 Foundations of Nursing Knowledge     
Fall Quarter - 8 creditsFall Quarter - 9 creditsFall Quarter- 2-4 credits
6014 Nursing Theory and Critical Inquiry I
6017 Finance and Healthcare
6110 Ethical Care and Social Justice
6120 Population Based Health Care
6903 DNP Internship II
Winter Quarter - 6 creditsWinter Quarter - 6 creditsWinter Quarter- 5-7 credits
6010 Healthcare Policy
6111 Informatics
6018 Program Design and Evaluation
6160 Leadership in Health Systems
6905 DNP Internship III
DNP Elective
Spring Quarter - 4 creditsSpring Quarter - 6 creditsSpring Quarter - 2-4 credits
6015 Critical Inquiry II
6020 Epidemiology
6190 Quality Improvement Processes
6901 DNP Internship I
6907 DNP Internship IV
DNP Project Presentation

* Program of study is subject to change based on faculty and other resource availability. All courses begin with prefix NURS.

Increase Your Span of Practice 

Along with your DNP studies, you can also choose to pursue an additional certification in one of these focal areas:

Individual programs of study for master's prepared DNP students who chose an additional focal area will be determined by the DNP advisor.