Advanced Community Public Health Nursing

Admission to Advanced Community Public Health focal area of study is paused.

Emphasizing the development of advanced community-based practice skills in addition to the study of public policy, leadership and research methods, the Advanced Community Public Health program makes it possible for students to contribute to the country’s changing health care environment at both the community and policy levels.

Graduates of Seattle University’s Advanced Community Public Health program go on to work in a variety of settings, including school health, community health and wellness centers, community-based clinics, health care policy organizations and state, federal and local public health organizations. The Affordable Care Act now requires hospitals to demonstrate that they are bridging the gap between acute care and the community, and ACPHN graduates are well placed to perform this work.

Why pursue a DNP degree in Advanced Community Public Health Nursing?

With the country’s health care system undergoing seismic changes, the Advanced Community Public Health degree positions students to contribute to the health care conversation at the policy level and as leaders in public health and community settings. Students who graduate from this program go on to careers in public health organizations, NGOs, community agencies, government and other settings.

The following program of study is for students entering the DNP program with an RN and all APNI students who have successfully completed pre-licensure year one. 


Summer Quarter - 8 creditsSummer Quarter - 12 credits Summer Quarter - 5 credits
6130 Foundations of Nursing Knowledge 
6250 Population Centered Theory &
6120 Population Based Health Care
6251 Advanced Public Health Nursing Practicum I
6256 Biostatistics 
6259 Advanced Public Health
Nursing Practicum V 
Fall Quarter - 13 creditsFall Quarter - 8 creditsFall Quarter - 5-7 credits
6014 Nursing Theory and Critical Inquiry I
6017 Finance and Healthcare 
6110 Ethical Care and Social Justice
6021 Mental Health for Primary Care and
Community Health
6253 Advanced Public Health Nursing Practicum II
6009 Advanced Practice Nursing
6903 DNP Internship II
Winter Quarter - 11 creditsWinter Quarter - 9 creditsWinter Quarter - 5-7 credits
6110 Healthcare Policy
6111 Informatics
6252 Assessment of Communities and
6018 Program Design and Evaluation
6160 Leadership in Health Systems
6255 Advanced Public Health Nursing
Practicum III
6905 DNP Internship III
DNP Elective
Spring Quarter - 13 creditsSpring Quarter - 9 creditsSpring Quarter - 2-4 credits
6015 Critical Inquiry II
6020 Epidemiology
6254 Population Health Promotion
6190 Quality Improvement Processes
6257 Advanced Public Health Nursing Practicum IV
6901 DNP Internship I
6907 DNP Internship IV
DNP Project Presentation

* A typical program of study is subject to change based on faculty and other resource availability. All courses begin with prefix NURS.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM Pacific


DNP Online Information Sessions for RN Applicants

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