Population Health Internship

Seattle University College of Nursing's Population Health Internship (PHI) offers a unique undergraduate experience

The Population Health Internship, or PHI, is an innovative yearlong community-engaged learning experience for all BSN students at Seattle U College of Nursing. It was introduced in the 2019-2020 Academic Year and now serves between 160 and 175 students per academic year.

In the year they are scheduled to take the PHI, students participate in a one-credit course each quarter in which they spend 30 internship hours serving a community-based health or social service organization with which they are matched based on their preferences and the agency’s needs and requests.

The learning in the series follows an arc of what a practicing population health nurse would do. Fall starts with relationship building and a community assessment, Winter moves to the design and implementation of a population health intervention, and in Spring the students evaluate that intervention from Winter and engage in relationship closure and sustainability activities.

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