May 2019 Newsletter

Margaret McKay, BSN ‘20, Receives Rosemary Ford Future of Nursing Scholarship

[pictured above L to R: Meg McKay with Rosemary Ford]

Margaret (Meg) McKay was among the 2019 awardees of the Rosemary Ford Future of Oncology Nursing Scholarship awarded by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) in March. Meg, a lifelong Seattleite, is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Seattle University.

Before enrolling in the Seattle U transfer cohort to obtain her nursing degree, Meg received her B.S. in Psychology from University of Washington and began a career in research. After working for a time in that field, Meg quickly realized that she wanted to connect with patients, not just write about them. She said, “Nursing allowed me to connect my interest in psychology and physiology with the caregiving and patient advocacy that bring meaning to my work, and what truly fulfills me.”

In addition to her nursing studies, Meg has been a CNA at Seattle Children’s for nearly three years working in a pediatric oncology unit. She said when someone finds out where she works they frequently ask, ‘how is she able to work in a such a sad place?’ Although it is difficult to care for children with cancer, Meg said, “the Cancer Care Unit is also a place of immense hope. Every day I am inspired by children who bravely face their own mortality, parents who wrap their children in unconditional love, and resilient nurses who remain unrelenting cheerleaders for their patients, despite the long hours and frequent heartbreak that accompany this work.”

Meg’s decision to become an oncology nurse is due in no small part to this inspiration and sense of hope she has experienced working with patients at Seattle Children’s. She also said that during her time as a CNA, she has “seen first-hand how the life-saving treatments developed at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance changed the lives of thousands of families and made possible the bright futures of many of my patients. I am honored to be a small part of this work, and it has cemented my passion for oncology.”

A partnership formed in 2016 between the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) and GlassyBaby led to the creation of the Rosemary Ford Future of Oncology Nursing Scholarship. The scholarship supports oncology nursing students at local colleges and universities, as well as SCCA nurses enrolled in advanced nursing programs. To learn more about the scholarship visit,