May 2019 Newsletter

A Note From Dean Swanson

Dr. Kristen M. Swanson, Dean of the College of Nursing

Spring quarter strikes a balance between ensuring our students’ final quarter readies them for the career that awaits and stepping back for a moment to celebrate their achievements with them.

This time of year, I hear regular news of our students receiving awards recognizing them for their hard work and determination. A bit later in this newsletter, you’ll read about two of our students, Meg McKay and Zheryl Baldonado, and their achievements. I’m very proud of all of our students’ accomplishments and look forward to receiving news of their future achievements as alumni of the Seattle U.

I’m sure many of you have plans to celebrate National Nurses Week, which starts Monday, May 6 through Florence Nightingale’s birthday May 12. This year, the ANA’s theme is “4 million reasons to celebrate.” As one of those 4 million RNs in the U.S., I’m pleased to know that we’re adding 217 more reasons to celebrate when our BSN and APNI cohorts pass their NCLEX exam and wear the proud mantle of “RN”.

Some of those future RNs, student members of the SU Student Nurses Association (SUSNA), Camp Kesem, and our college’s Student and Community Affairs Committee, have planned many fun activities for Nurses Week, which are included on our events calendar for your perusal.

This quarter, 10 of our nursing students are finalizing their travel plans to Belize. This education abroad opportunity is part of our long-standing emphasis on global health and preparing our graduates as global citizens. Students will spend two weeks exploring the history, culture, and health care infrastructure of Belize. They will also have time to enjoy Belizean culture through week-end excursions, including visits to the jungles of Cayo, ancient Mayan sites, historical museums, and the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Of course, many of us are thinking ahead to the quickly approaching commencement celebrations. In June, we will cheer on 64 BSN, 21 MSN, and 9 DNP graduates as they cross the stage and then another 84 BSN, 19 BS in Ultrasound, and 3 MSN expected to follow them in August. Some are thinking ahead even farther, to 2020, when our first class of RN-DNP students join this celebration and then the first Advanced Practice Nursing Immersion DNP students not long after them in 2021.

Although our soon-to-be graduates may be looking forward to enjoying some sunny days after they cross the stage at the end of this quarter, it doesn’t slow down at the College of Nursing in the summertime.

We will barely have a moment to say farewell to the June graduates before we welcome a new class of DNP students and the new BS in Nursing and Ultrasound students won’t be far behind them. Our undergraduate and graduate program faculty and staff members support the success of our students year-round, but especially at this time of year. I feel very fortunate to work among them.