Scholarship/Research Initiatives

Jackels Nic




Chemistry Research – Chemistry Professor Sue Jackels received a National Science Foundation grant to analyze the coffee fermentation process with field work in Nicaragua and lab analysis both at SU and the UCA.  This ongoing project begun in 2003 has involved 4 SU students, 4 UCA students, and 1 SU and 2 UCA faculty members.

Biology Nic




Biology Research – Associate Professor of Biology Dan Matlock was a Fulbright Scholar for six-month field study in Nicaragua on freshwater shrimp, a project that included lab and peer collaboration at the UCA (2004-05).

  • Mechanical Engineering Ceramics Research – in the 2006-07 academic year a Seattle University mechanical engineering student team of four students, under the guidance of Assistant Professor Frank Shih, provided in-depth research on ceramics firing materials for a specialized water filtration system serving the poor in Nicaragua (Filtron by Potters for Peace).
  • Coffee Processing Mill Research & Build – In 2007-08 three engineering/chemistry professors and 8 students from Seattle University worked in tandem with the SU Engineers Without Borders group to design and build an ecologically sensitive coffee processing facility for rural farmers. 
  • Microfinance Independent Study –in 2006 SU student Lucas McIntyre did an independent study on microfinance in Nicaragua under the guidance of Professor of Economics Chris Weber.  The study provided important analysis of the microfinance organization founded by the UCA, Nitlapan’s Local Development Fund, supporting Seattle University’s later microfinance investment of $500,000 in 2007.
  • Appropriate Technology – In 2004, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Bert Otten, SJ spent three months at the Universidad Centroamericana doing field work and experimental design in solar energy and solar dryer technology.