Calendar and Program

Calendar and program

In consideration of the continuing logistical uncertainty around hosting in-person events in Fall Quarter due to the pandemic, NFI 2021 will comprise three half-days and one follow-up session prior to the start of the quarter, and three further sessions later in Fall Quarter, all delivered virtually.

The NFI Planning Team of faculty created a flipped program such that information components are available online so that time together is devoted to activity, social connection, and discussion.

Dates and times are as follows:

  • Wednesday, September 8 | 9:30–12:45 | NFI Day 1
  • Thursday, September 9 | 9:30–12:45 | NFI Day 2
  • Friday, September 10 | 9:30–12:45 | NFI Day 3

Follow-up sessions:

  • Friday, September 10 | 2:00–3:30 | An ounce of prevention: Advice from the Office of the University Counsel
  • Friday, October 8 | 3:30–5:00 | Thriving as a non-tenure-track faculty member
  • Friday, October 22 | 3:30–5:00 | University rank and tenure panel
  • Friday, October 29 | 3:30–5:00 | Student perspectives on studying at SU

NFI 2021 ABRIDGED Program [downloads as PDF]

*The HR Benefits Orientation (see sidebar), facilitated by Meghan van der Sluys, Program Manager of Benefits, is completely optional. This session is a chance for you to learn about your benefit options and how to enroll as a newly eligible faculty member. For an overview of benefit offerings, please view the Benefit Enrollment Guide.

*The Canvas Basics training (see sidebar), facilitated by the Center for Digital Learning & Innovation (CDLI), is completely optional. This session introduces the core Canvas tools to upload, organize, and distribute course content, communications, as well as collect student papers and distribute grades and feedback. We encourage you to attend if you haven't had much experience working with Canvas in the past. Pick a Canvas training date here.

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