Whitlow publishes "Mud, Muck, and Service"

February 1, 2011

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Biology Assistant Professor Lindsay Whitlow partnered with Eckstein Middle School teacher Sarah Hoofnagle to author an article on service-learning in ecology titled "Mud, Muck, and Service" in Science Education & Civic Engagement: An International Journal

They compared indirect with direct models of service-learning through Whitlow's ecology classes (BIOL 470) that either worked with community partners on research projects, or classes that worked with those partners plus teams of high school students to conduct water quality research on the Duwamish River. Through the comparison, they found that both models of service-learning contribute to greater interest and understanding of ecology, scientific research and service.  

Also, increasing personal connections with the high school students in direct service-learning contributed to greater interest in continuing service projects, as well as greater understanding of what field research involves.