What is Impactathon?

October 10, 2018

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Here's the event description:

The Impactathon, which takes place Oct. 13 and 14, is an event modeled after a hackathon, an intensive problem-solving session that often focuses on computer programming. However, the Impactathon expands the hackathon idea to encompass problems in all fields that could benefit from the perspectives, time, and energy of Seattle University students--specifically, problems facing members of our local community.

Our community partners will present the projects that students can take on during the Impactathon; our primary goal for the weekend is to bring as much benefit to these partners and projects as we can. Accordingly, our community partners, along with SU faculty and industry partners, will mentor students throughout the event. If students wish to continue working on their projects beyond the Impactathon, they will have the opportunity to apply for grants through the Center for Student Research or to become involved through clubs or scholarship cohorts on campus.

Students will also benefit from participating in the Impactathon. Students from any discipline at SU will have the opportunity to gain experience applying their learning to a problem facing members of our community. They will also deepen their knowledge of our community and develop problem definition, analysis, and presentation skills. The results of the weekend’s worth of work could serve as a valuable addition to a student’s portfolio and an inspiring topic to discuss with recruiters at a career fair. Students will also be fed throughout the Impactathon, and members of the teams that devise the best ideas will receive gift cards.