What happened to the water in the Connolly Center's East Pool?

August 6, 2010

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East Pool Undergoes a Draining Experience

Q:  What happened to the water in the Connolly Center's East Pool?

A:  Cal Ihler, assistant director of facilities operations and maintenance, wrote on Aug. 5:

"The East Pool has been drained so scaffolding can be installed for a renovation. New energy efficient lighting will be installed and walls and ceilings are being cleaned, repaired and painted. Some signage improvements are also included. The pool is expected to be back in operation by September 6. The West Pool was reopened August 2. The timing was such that we were able to reuse most of the water from the East Pool for filling the West Pool. As part of the renovation both pools will be in conformance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act; its purpose is to enhance the safety of the pool users."