SU’s hosting of planning conference sets attendance records, draws rave reviews

April 18, 2011

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Seattle University hosted the Society of College and University Planning’s (SCUP) Pacific Regional Conference last month, and by all accounts, the gathering was very well received. Nearly 400 professionals attended, setting a new record for the event. Attendees were impressed by the experience. As one attendee commented: “Best SCUP I have attended in 20 years of going….I know how hard your team worked to put it together and it showed. Thank you very much–I mean it.” 

SU introduced a new element to the conference called “Fifth Wheel” sessions. The sessions provided “an intimate encounter between campus community members and the conferees, and proved to be a huge success,” says Jonathan Bregman, assistant director for campus planning in Facilities Services. “SCUP National was so impressed that they will adopt the format for future conferences.” Bregman acknowledged many on campus for helping with the “Fifth Wheel” sessions and presenting information on SUYI, the Jesuit perspective, the Chapel of St. Ignatius, the Library, the landscape and gardens, and Division I Athletics. He also acknowledged colleagues in Facilities Services, University Planning, Conference and Event Services and Bon Appétit for making the conference so successful.