Rob Deltete authors chapters and essays

July 14, 2010

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Rob Deltete, professor of philosophy, edited and wrote the introduction to Martin J. Klein's Josiah Willard Gibbs: A Scientific Biography (University of Chicago Press) and contributed three chapters (on Gibbs, Wilhelm Ostwald, and Entropy in Chemistry) to Philosophy of ScienceVolume 6: Philosophy of Chemistry (Elsevier). 

Deltete also wrote the following essays: “Thermodynamics in Wilhelm Ostwald’s Physical Chemistry,” which was recently published as part of a symposium in Selected Papers from the 2008 Philosophy of Science Association Meeting (University of Chicago Press); “Mechanical Explanation at the End of the Nineteenth Century,” which appeared in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science; “How Relativity Got Accepted and How Einstein Came to be Regarded  as its Author,” which was published in Annals of Science; “Homme de Science, Homme de Foi: Pierre Duhem on Science and Religion,” which will appear later this year in a special issue of the journal Metascience devoted to Duhem’s La theorie physique–son objet, sa structure; “Planck, Ostwald, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics,” which has been accepted by Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences;” and “Georg Helm’s Chemical Energetics,” which has been accepted by HOPOS: International Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science.