Public Safety staff honored for going above and beyond

July 3, 2013

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Five staff members of the Department of Public Safety have received Class I Commendations for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the campus community within the past year.

Steve Sayler, Brianna Miller, Edward Andrich and Chris Wilcoxen were commended for responding to separate medical emergencies involving members of the SU campus community, while Matthew Vielbig was recognized for assisting a Seattle Police officer in apprehending and taking into custody and armed offender.

The commendations, which were presented at the Student Development Divisional Leadership meeting on June 20, are part of a new initiative at SU that was launched by Randy Carroll before he completed his service as interim executive director of Public Safety. The new policy "outlines the criteria for the levels of employee recognition from a Letter of Commendation to the Medal of Valor," Carroll explained. 

Tim Marron, who took over last month as executive director of Public Safety, said, "It is longstanding tradition in the emergency services field to recognize those who have stepped forward to save lives. (These commendations) recognize the selfless pursuit of duty that emergency services personnel commit to under sometimes dire circumstances. (The commendations) also serve to reassure the community that there are those among us who will respond to help, and who train and prepare to fulfill our primary mission: to protect and save lives."