Professionals Without Borders wins international award

September 12, 2013

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Professionals Without Borders (PWOB) has received an Effective and Innovative Practices Award from the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA). Accepting the award on behalf of PWOB at the association's national conference in August were Cal Ihler and Mike Mullen of Facilities. SU was one of just five universities to receive this honor. (Other recipients were Stanford University, UC Irvine, Carleton College and NC State.) APPA recognized SU Facilities Operations staff for their work in developing PWOB.

Founded six years ago, the group has sponsored numerous service trips to countries such as Zambia, Nicaragua, Jamaica and Belize along with other domestic projects. Through the assistance of Global Engagement, PWOB has joined forces with the schools of Engineering, Nursing and Matteo Ricci among others to accomplish their goals and remains an effective vehicle for bringing the Facilities staff into the global mission of the university.