Postcard from Zambia

October 12, 2016

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Thanks to Mike Mullen (Facilities) for sending this picture of Ron Hidaka, S.J. 

Mullen ran into Father Hidaka in Chikuni, Zambia, while he and other SU staff, Cal Ihler and Byron Lynch, were volunteering for Professionals Without Borders (PWOB) last month. Father Hidaka is rector of the Jesuit community in Chikuni. (Nice to see a Commons hat making the rounds in Zambia!) 

As Mullen notes, Father Ron is a friend of SU's president, as he and Father Steve entered the Jesuits at the same time. 

PWOB, by the way, was involved in a number of projects during their time in Zambia. "We coordinated with Sr. Anne Clare the Administrator of the Chikuni Secondary Girls School in teaching their maintenance staff how to refurbish highly valued desks so they can continue the effort while we are gone. At the Chikuni Mission Hospital we repaired and provided them with their only working defibrillator. We also worked on cafeteria equipment and provided an assessment of the domestic water system. Professionals Without Borders also provided a Red Cross Instructor to teach First Aid and CPR to the Chikuni Hospital and the Monze Nursing School," says Mullen. 

"We were able to visit and strategize on improving the outlying Chipembele community clinic that PWOB built several years ago. But the best work we did was repair the host-making machine for the nuns in the community." He adds with a laugh: "We brought Jesus back to Chikuni."

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