Ken Allan and Charles Tung present at conference

November 5, 2013

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Ken Allan, associate professor of art history, and Charles Tung, associate professor of English, both presented at the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present conference at Wayne State University in Detroit, the theme of which was "The Arts of the City."

Allan, left, gave a paper on a 1968 museum exhibition designed by Frank Gehry for the pop artist Billy Al Bengston and the intertwining of Gerhy's postmodern experimentation and the underlying racial history of Los Angeles. Tung co-organized a pair of linked panels, Immaterial Cities I and II (Accretion and Flow), and presented "Pinholes, Scale, and Blurry Ontology," which contrasted time-lapse with pinhole photography in order to sketch an aesthetics of temporal immersion and blur. 

Anticipating the possibility of organizing an interdisciplinary lecture series at Seattle University, Allan and Tung asked several scholars, who live in the Pacific Northwest or who will be nearby at various professional conferences, if they would visit SU to present their work.  Allan and Tung envision a series of undergraduate learning opportunities and scholarly exchanges that focus on the topic of the contemporary and that bring together the students and faculty of art history, literature, history, and new media studies.