Criminal justice faculty and students present at national conferences

December 8, 2010

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Five faculty and four students in criminal justice presented papers at the American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting in San Francisco. A. Daktari Alexander, assistant professor, Trisha King Stargel contract instructor, and undergraduate Laura Shaver presented "After the Funeral: Police Officer Behavior after a Line-Of-Duty Death." Graduate student Jennifer Cauffman: "Crime and Nightlife: An Analysis of the Impact Crime has on Belltown, Seattle Businesses." Professor Jacqueline Helfgott and graduate student Beck Strah: "Factors Influencing Indeterminate Sentencing Review Decisions in Determinate-Plus Sex Offender Cases in Washington State." Matthew Hickman, assistant professor: "Unanalyzed Evidence in Law Enforcement Agencies:  A National Examination of Forensic Processing in Police Departments." Hickman and Stephen Rice, assistant professor: "Digital Analysis of Crime Statistics: Does Crime Conform to Benford's Law?" Graduate student Carla Hough: "Integration of Technology in the Criminal Justice Classroom." Rice: "Defiance and Desires for Forgiveness among Capital Rapists." Graduate student Megan Yerxa: "Finding the Right Spot, CPTED Style: Ideal Seating and Gathering in a Proposed Urban Greenspace."

Graduate student Matt Willms presented a paper at the International Crime, Media & Popular Culture Studies Conference in Terre Haute, Ind., titled "Ethnography of the Deviant Aesthetic and the Carnivalesque in Rollergirls, Rockers and Burlesque: Implications for Assessing Risk, Criminality and Criminogenic Spaces in Late Modernity."