Charles Tung gives keynote at symposium

April 19, 2017

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Charles Tung, associate professor of English, was invited to give the keynote address at Florida State University’s first Graduate Literature Organization symposium, Bodies, Machines, and Objects: The Scope of the Inhuman and Posthuman. His talk, "The Heterochronic Body of History:  from Ontogeny to Alternate History," explored the relationship between the nineteenth-century biological concept of “heterochrony”—the that variations in the onset, offset, and pacing of embryonic processes result in deformations of morphology and the species history it was thought to represent—and experiments in the 20th-century literature and art that likewise envision the body of the text and the body of history as a hodgepodge of ongoing times. 

Tung also provided readings for, and participated in, a roundtable discussion, “Michel Serres's Flying Saucers, Mark McGurl's Time Travel,” with graduate students and colleagues.