CEJS announces inaugural fellows

May 20, 2013

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The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability (CEJS) has announced the recipients of its 2013-2014 student and faculty fellowships. The fellowships are intended to support scholarship in environmental justice and sustainability. Congratulations to our inaugural recipients, who are listed below with a brief description of the projects they will undertake with support from the CEJS.

Faculty Recipients

April Atwood, Albers School of Business and Economics, “How Does Business Address the Social Justice Dimension of Sustainability?”

Wes Howard-Brook, College of Arts and Sciences, “How the Creation-Centered, Anti-imperial Gospel of Jesus was Betrayed by the Emergence of Imperial Christianity”

Rob Efird, College of Arts and Sciences, “Collaboratively Developing and Assessing Garden-based Environmental Education in Seattle’s International District”

Henry Louie, College of Science and Engineering, "Development of Electric Vehicle Load Forecasting Techniques for a Sustainable Future"

Mike Marsolek, College of Science and Engineering, “Coffee Wastewater Treatment -- Project Collaboration with the University of Central America-Managua”

Felipe Murtinho, College of Arts and Sciences, “Influence of Economic Incentives on Common-Property Forest Management in Ecuador”

Trileigh Tucker, College of Arts and Sciences, “An Environmental Justice Teaching Resource (EJTR): Inventory and Analysis of Current Practices in College Environmental Justice Education”  

Student Recipients

Patrick Berg, Electrical and Computer Engineering, "Can Wind Power Be Used to Provide Sustainable Energy to Electric Vehicles?"
Faculty Mentor: Henry Louie

Janie Bube, Environmental Studies, “A Living-Wall Covered Bike Shed to Encourage Sustainability on Seattle University’s Campus”
Faculty Mentor: Carlos Herrera

Michelle Dvorak, Chemistry,  “Studies on the Fates of BPA Substitutes”
Faculty Mentor: Doug Latch

Eric Marshall, Chemistry, “Potato Taste Defect in Rwandan Coffee”
Faculty Mentor: Sue Jackels 

John Polka,  Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Remote Aerial Vehicle for Environmental Management”
Faculty Mentor: Wes Lauer