Why should I consider participating in LiVE?

February 10, 2015

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LiVE it up for wellness, lower premiums and prizes

Q:  Why should I consider participating in LiVE?

A:  LiVE (Lead, Inspire, Value and Enrich) is a wellness program offered by SU through which faculty and staff get rewarded for taking steps that lead to healthy habits. Aside from the obvious health benefits, LiVE offers other incentives to employees. By earning 1,000 points throughout the year, faculty and staff qualify for the lowest available health insurance premium. There's also opportunities to win prizes such as gift cards for REI and Amazon. In fact, two of our colleagues-Jasmina Kostich (law) and Katie Guts (psychology)-recently won $750 REI gift cards for achieving "Upper Level" status for 2014. They were randomly chosen from a group of 143 Upper Level achievers.

OK, so how about a follow-up question: how do you pronounce "LiVE?" 

LiVE rhymes with "give" (rather than "hive"), explains Matt Philip, compensation and benefits director in Human Resources. The lower case "i" is an attempt to assist people in pronouncing it as intended. (Unrelatedly, there is one "L" and no "S" in Matt's last name.)