What's the story on the new greenhouse at 1313 E. Columbia? 

November 19, 2013

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SU Greenhouse

Q:  What's the story on the new greenhouse at 1313 E. Columbia?

A:  The structure replaces the old greenhouse, which was located on top of the Bannan Building, explains Grounds Manager Shannon Britton. Most intriguing about the new 450-square-foot structure is that it will serve both academic and operations needs for the university, with the space being shared by Grounds and Biology. The greenhouse, which was dedicated on Nov. 18, is particularly valuable for Michael Zanis, a newly arrived plant pathologist in biology, as he and his students will be able to conduct experiments as part of their plant physiology and taxonomy courses. Some of the research will concern the environmental impacts on plants. As for Grounds, they will use the space for starting and maintaining campus plant collections as well as testing out new species for growing in our climate. "Grounds and Biology look forward to sharing the space and learning from each other through interaction and possible combined projects," said Britton.