What is "Move Around the Sound?"

May 11, 2017

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“Move Around the Sound” is a friendly, team-based competition that helps you get fit while earning LiVE points to bring down the cost of your health insurance premium. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Join the challenge and start or join a team
  • As a team, log two million steps between May 16 and July 31
  • Earn 200 LiVE points 

Bonus: The two teams with the highest number of steps will earn an additional 100 points

Double Bonus: Walk 600,000 steps on your own - once around Puget Sound (although we don’t mean literally, you’ll be able brag to your friends and family that you did)--and earn an additional 50 points.

Reach 1,000 LiVE points for the year and qualify for a reduced monthly health insurance premium. (The discount is $20/month for the current year.) 

The easiest way to track your steps is to sync your LiVE Seattle University account with a device, like a Fitbit or Garmin. 

New to LiVE Seattle University? Registration is quick and easy. Simply visit liveseattleu.limeade.com and click Get Started. Complete your online Well-being Assessment so you can see personalized recommendations and activities.