What are some highlights from this year's Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge?

March 14, 2016

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2016 Wellness Challenge

Q: What are some highlights from this year's Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge?

A: Many thanks to Jazz Espiritu, program coordinator in Wellness and Health Promotion, for sharing the following:

There were 66 teams and 264 participants in the six-week 2016 Wellness Challenge, which ended Feb. 21. The teams fell into three categories: students; faculty and staff; and a combination of students, faculty and staff.

During the challenge, participants accomplished the following:

  • Slept more than 50,911 hours-that's about 5 years and 10 months of sleep. According to NASA, they slept enough hours to make two round trips to Mars without waking up!
  • Drank over 472 gallons of water-this is equivalent to drinking 33 kiddie pools!
  • Spent 532 hours of mindful breathing-that's 22 full days of vacation, shared by all of us!
  • Identified 2, 327 things that brought them joy and accomplishment
  • Participated in at least 763 spiritual activities in the community
  • Engaged in 948 meaningful spiritual conversations
  • Read for pleasure 6,862 times - If each time was a Harry Potter book, they read the entire series 980 times!
  • Learned 1,057 new things outside of our fields
  • Engaged with someone in our community more than 6,711 times
  • Reconnected with 1,058 people - That's like meeting with every person in Langley, Wash. 

The winning teams were:

Top Combo Team - JesuFit (Karen Smaalders, Kaelen Frashure, Jessica Fenner and Peggy Fine)
Top Staff and Faculty Team - #awesome (Rosie Sabaric, Kate Elias, Tonja Brown and Laura Hauck-Vixie)
Top Student Team - Special Snowflake (Courtney Yotter, Brooke Terteling, Ashley Yotter and Alanna Manley)
Top Staff/Faculty Participant - Rosie Sabaric
Top Student Participant - Karen Smaalders