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Written by Mike Thee

February 2, 2016

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On-campus massage therapy now available to faculty, staff and students

a person in a chair receiving a back massageNeed a massage?

Who doesn't, right? Well now, thanks to the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion, members of the SU community have the opportunity to avail themselves of massage treatment right here on campus for a reasonable price. 

"We know from research that stress is the number one impediment to academic success," says Ryan Hamachek, director of Wellness and Health Promotion, explaining the impetus behind the program. 

Hamachek's initial thought was to start small-to have a massage company come to campus, say, once a month. In talking with Dreamclinic, a company that provides onsite massage therapy services in workplaces, the idea grew into something bigger. 

In January Dreamclinic started coming to campus three times a month to offer massages that range 10-30 minutes in duration and $15-35 in price.

The program is "already wildly popular," says Hamachek. "We've been pretty booked up so far." Most appointments, he adds, have been claimed by faculty and staff. 

Hamachek, himself, was one of those early adopters. "I figured if I'm promoting this to others, I should see what it's all about," he says with a laugh. The verdict? "It was great," he reports. 

Wellness and Health Promotion will continue to offer massage therapy through winter and spring quarters and then reevaluate the program. Hamachek is welcoming feedback on whether more appointments should be offered and if there are other locations faculty, staff and students would like to see added. 

"Regular massage is an excellent method for combating the effects of stress and enhancing one's health," reads Dreamclinic's website. "Reducing one's stress response not only feels good at the time, it improves one's ability to focus and be successful academically." 

Faculty and staff present at the University Convocation in September 2007 will remember Father Steve's recounting of the massage-his first-ever-that he received earlier that summer. At press time, it was unknown whether the president was planning to take advantage of this new service on campus.

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