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Mission Accomplished (and Then Some)

Written by Mike Thee

March 3, 2016

attendees at the 2015 Dance Marathon

SU’s 2016 Dance Marathon establishes new high-water mark for good cause

For this year's Dance Marathon, student organizers set a lofty goal. They were looking to raise $99,000-$30,000 more than last year's total. 

Well, the 500 participating students met that goal and then some, pulling in more than $110,000 in donations during the 16-hour event that spanned Feb. 20 and 21. Every penny will go to as good a cause as there is: Seattle Children's Hospital's Uncompensated Care Fund and Strong Against Cancer Initiative. 

"Seattle U Dance Marathon became the first DM in the west to raise more than $100,000," says Nayland Olsen, assistant director of Student Involvement, who advises the Dance Marathon. "Considering that dozens of universities which are much larger than SU are also part of this movement, Seattle U's feat is even more impressive. It shows that we have a tireless dedication to helping others and that our commitment to justice in the world is real. I cannot wait to see how impactful this work will be for the kids and next year will likely be even bigger." 

Melissa Cardenas, development coordinator at Children's Hospital's Foundation and Guild Association, says, "In my job with the guild association, I have the privilege of working with many incredible groups of volunteers fundraising on behalf of the hospital. However, the Seattle U Dance Marathon Guild is definitely one of my favorite groups to work with! To see these young adults work together tirelessly to help improve the lives of our patients and families is extremely inspirational." 

Begun in 2008, SU's Dance Marathon has raised a total of $350,000 for Children's Hospital.

attendees at the 2016 Dance Marathon holding up signs showing that a total of $110,506.99 was raised