Is the Vachon Gallery really spelled with a “c?”

October 11, 2011

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Vachon Gallery

Q:  Is the Vachon Gallery really spelled with a “c?” 

A:  Yes, while the similarly spelled nearby island might tempt some to substitute an “s” for the “c,” “Vachon” is absolutely correct when it comes to referring to the gallery in the Fine Arts building.  

So who is the room named for? Our thanks go to Steve Galatro for providing this background information: 

“The Vachon Gallery, originally called the Vachon Room, was named in honor of Hayden A. Vachon, S.J. (1906-1972), who was professor, chair of the Arts Department and the inspiration for the Fine Arts Building. A man of vision and dedication, Father Vachon (left) is fondly remembered for his “eke box” in which he collected spare change from students and campus visitors. His dream was to build one day a home for the Fine Arts at Seattle University.  

“For many years, the Hayden A. Vachon S.J. Room was home to theatre productions. These productions were eventually relocated to the Lee Center for the Arts and in 2009, the Vachon Room received an all-white makeover in preparation for its rebirth as a dedicated art gallery. Now referred to as the Vachon Gallery, the energetic space has exhibited a mix of student, faculty and guest artist exhibitions. The faculty-curated gallery has quickly emerged as a dynamic facility for artistic study and practice. The spirit of Father Vachon lives on.”  

By the way, if you haven’t already checked it out, be sure to visit the Vachon and Kinsey galleries for a very moving exhibit, Our Children, Our Voices, which features works by Somali teens.