How many free cups of coffee or tea did Bon Appétit dispense to faculty and staff for last summer's Free Coffee Mondays? 

June 29, 2011

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Free Coffee Monday

Q:  As we all know, one of the great perks of working at SU during the summer is Free Coffee Monday (along with Early Friday). All that faculty and staff need to do is bring their IDs to either Cherry Street or the Bottom Line to take advantage of this great offer. Which got The Commons wonderingjust how many free cups of drip coffee or tea did Bon Appétit dispense last summer? But rather than give you the answer, let's make it a guessing game. Send your answer to The Commons. The closest guess (you can go over or under) will win a Commons baseball cap. Stay tuned for the answer and the winner. And keep enjoying those free cups of coffee or tea on Mondays through Aug. 29!

A:  Congratulations, Sue Hogan, director of marketing and communications in the School of Theology and Ministry, for hazarding the closest guess. Sue surmised that 850 cups of free coffee were purveyed by Bon Appétit last summer. The actual amount? 871. How she got within 21 cups is anyone's guess. Thanks, everyone, for playing and don't forget to keep taking advantage of your Monday morning free fix of coffee or tea at Cherry Street Market for the rest of August.