How is SU enhancing its staff family/medical leave benefits?

April 10, 2018

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Following extensive community input and work by an advisory group, Seattle University is enhancing its staff family/medical leave benefits. Benefits-eligible staff may now be paid 100 percent of regular pay during a family or medical leave of absence, Vice President for Human Resources Michelle Clements, announced on April 10. 

Effective immediately, this means up to 12 weeks of pay regardless of how many days of sick leave or vacation a staff member may have accrued to cover a longer-term absence. 

The comprehensive enhancement was unanimously approved by the Cabinet and Board of Trustees. It provides broad coverage for those in need, including: 

  • Moms who need to take paid time off to care for themselves and their newborn; 
  • Non-birth moms and dads to allow them to take paid time off to bond with a new child who joins the family through natural birth, adoption or foster care,
  • Your own serious health condition or to be on hand to care for a recuperating spouse, partner, child or parent. 

In short, up to 12 weeks of paid leave will be available in a rolling 12-month period for any absence that qualifies as a family medical leave.