How did one of our colleagues win a $1,000 gift card?

February 2, 2016

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LiVE well (and prosper)

Q:  How did one of our colleagues win a $1,000 gift card?

A: A recent work week began quite well for Dhorea Brown when she was informed the morning of Monday Jan. 25 that she had won a $1,000 REI gift card. Brown, associate director of undergraduate programs in Albers School of Business and Economics, was one of 61 SU faculty and staff who earned more than 3,000 LiVE points in 2015. This put her into a raffle from which her name was randomly drawn. 

Matt Philip, director of compensation and benefits, had the happy task of delivering the prize. "Like past recipients, she felt very lucky," said Philip. "That may be true, but she did rack up more than 3,000 LiVE points in 2015!" 

Here are the full stats for points earned by SU faculty and staff in 2015. 

  • Core Level - 1,000+ wellness points earned during the year. 640 faculty/staff attained that level (or higher) and were rewarded by preferred medical plan premium placing for the entire 2016 year. 
  • Upper Level - 2,000+ points. 146 people met or exceeded this level. The reward was the preferred premiums above and a $25 Amazon gift card. 
  • Distinguished Level - 3,000+ points. 61 people met the highest level. Their names will be posted to the "Wellness Achievement Circle" and Brown, of course, took home the $1,000 REI card. 

Click here to start earning your points for 2016 and to learn about the Go Move challenge involving employees at Jesuit colleges and universities.