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"Crossroads for the World"

Written by Mike Thee

January 19, 2016

Zheng Performance at the 2016 International Dinner

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Ryan Greene, director of the International Student Center, previews International Week

Dance performance at the 2015 International DinnerInternational Week, or I-Week, begins Saturday, Jan. 30 with the International Dinner (6-9 p.m., Campion Ballroom) and runs through Friday, Feb. 5. 

The Commons  caught up with Ryan Greene, director of the International Student Center (ISC), for a preview of I-Week.

The Commons: What goes into presenting International Week?

Ryan Greene: I-Week is co-sponsored by the Office of Global Engagement and the ISC, however, roughly 25-30 academic departments, student clubs and administrative offices sponsor fantastic programs so without their support I-Week would not exist.

The Commons: What do you see as some of the highlights of this year's I-Week?

Ryan Greene: The 39th International Dinner will clearly be an incredible kick-off event for the week. Several performance groups and cuisine from around the world will be highlighted and various raffle prizes will be given away as well. Other highlights include "Examining Campus Climate for International Students: A Panel Highlighting Five Different Experiences at Seattle University" (5:30-7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 2 in the ISC Lounge) and "Voluntourism or Transformative Exchange?  Student Reflections on Study Abroad Experiences" (4-5 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 4, Pigott 204)-this is a student panel of study abroad attendees coordinated by Dr. Serena Cosgrove.

The full I-Week calendar will be printed in the Spectator the week prior to I-Week and the calendar will be available on the ISC website at

The Commons: Is there anything new/notable about this year's programs?

Ryan Greene: This year's I-Week highlights more programs from students, which is certainly one of the major goals of the week. Student programs are initiated this year from SU's Indian Student Association, from the Student Government of Seattle University, from our Outdoor Recreation Program Student Staff, the Seattle Chinese Culture Association, and student from Mateo Ricci College and the Department of International Studies are also presenting student-led programs.

The Commons: Why, in your view, is I-Week so important?

Ryan Greene: I-Week is a time for us to highlight and celebrate the geographic and cultural diversity of our student, staff and faculty communities. I-Week also serves as a time for us to come together in various ways to dialogue about and engage with global issues. With global academic programs all over the world and an international student population from around 60 countries, Seattle University is a meeting place of global ideas and most certainly a crossroads for the world.

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