And the winner is...

September 27, 2010

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Last time, we invited you to name the Jesuits in their annual group picture. Well, the results are in, and congratulations to Gayle Sommerfeld (Advancement) who correctly ID’d 21 Jesuits and will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card. Gayle held onto a razor-thin margin of victory. Other valiant efforts were turned in by Rachael Paul (Career Services) and Sue Hogan (School of Theology and Ministry), who both correctly identified 20 of the 26. Gayle and Sue also went the extra mile and very perceptively named a few of the Jesuits who were missing from the photo. Thanks everyone for playing and congratulations to our winner!

So who's who? Scroll down for the identities of each of the 26. (A big thank you goes to Margaret Moore of Arrupe House for providing the information.)

(1) Bill Watson (Provincial Assistant for Special Projects); (2) Quentin Dupont (Albers School lecturer); (3) Mark Ravizza (Visiting LeRoux Chair); (4) Pat Howell (Rector, Professor of Pastoral Theology); (5) Mike Kelliher (Criminology); (6) Natch Ohno (Student Development, Assistant Rector); (7) Mark McDougall (STM M.Div. student); (8) Frank Case (Business & Law); (9) Peter Ely (VP Mission and Ministry); (10) Fernando Álvarez Lara (STM Pastoral Leadership Program); (11) Pat O’Leary (University Chaplain); (12) Tom Murphy (History); (13) Ron Funke (Pastoral Ministry); (14) Sonny Manuel (on sabbatical from Santa Clara); (15) Dave Leigh (English); (16) Mike Bayard (Director, Campus Ministry); (17) Hugh Duffy (English, Theology); (18) Jim Reichmann (Philosophy); (19) Paul Janowiak (STM); (20) Pat Twohy (Superior Rocky Mountain Mission, Urban Native American Ministry); (21) John Topel (Pastor, Port Townsend); (22) Steve Sundborg (President); (23) John Foster (Matteo Ricci College, English); (24) Pat Kelly (Theology, Study of Sport); (25) Eric Watson (Chemistry); and (26) Dave Anderson (Alumni Relations).

Not pictured are Emmett Carroll (Pastor, Bainbridge); Bob Egan (Pastoral Ministry); Jean Baptiste Ganza (MBA student); Roger Gillis (Student Success); and Josef Venker (Fine Arts).