Adelman and Carter receive Fulbright awards

October 24, 2016

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Jacquelyn Miller, university liaison, Fulbright Scholar Program, recently announced that two Seattle University faculty have received Fulbright awards for 2016-17. Following is the text of her announcement: 

MaraAdelman_149Mara Adelman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus in the Department of Communication has received a Fulbright Specialist award for Fudan University in Shanghai.  

While there she will be designing and teaching a course in Cross Cultural Communication for the School of Foreign Languages and Literature and mentoring faculty on this topic.  Fudan is among China's most prestigious universities with a renowned language program.  She will also keynote an upcoming conference at the university for over 200 Chinese faculty on "Narrative and Culture."  Prior to retiring, Dr. Adelman was awarded a Fulbright for the University of Mekelle in Ethiopia and worked with Save the Nation; the only NGO focusing on road safety in all of Ethiopia.   

Dr. Adelman's book, Beyond Language, was the first textbook that integrated English as a Second Language and cross-cultural communication, and is used throughout the world. Her award winning book, Communicating Social Support, pioneered this field in the study of communication. In addition to publishing several books and articles, during her last five years at Seattle University, Dr. Adelman focused on solitude and distraction and gave numerous faculty workshops on these topics.    

Prior to joining Seattle University in 1994, she taught at Northwestern University, the University  of Washington, and at the University of California, Los Angeles.  She retired to become an artist and resides in Napa, California.   

John Carter, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Mathematics has received a Fulbright Scholars award for the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway from January to June 2017.


Dr. Carter will be working with Norwegian mathematicians, including Dr. Henrik Kalisch, a longtime collaborator, to develop more accurate predictions for tsunami evolution by developing new models of waves on shallow water. He will help derive, study, and solve equations that allow varying bathymetry and waves traveling in both directions. Predictions from these new equations will then be compared with data from physical experiments.  Dr. Carter will also travel to the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim and the University of Oslo in Oslo to work on related problems with other scholars in the field.   

Dr. Carter's current research focuses on mathematical models of waves in the ocean, particularly on how they evolve over long distances, by using a combination of asymptotics, numerical analysis, and analysis.  His 2016 co-authored publications in this area includes "Frequency downshifting in a viscous fluid," in the European Journal of Mechanics B: Fluids and "On the nonlinear dynamics of the travelling-wave solutions of the Serre system," in Wave Motion.  Dr. Carter has also co-authored, including other SU faculty, a 2016 article in the scholarship of teaching and learning field entitled "Improving student success in calculus at Seattle University," which was published in the journal PRIMUS.   

Dr. Carter received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Applied Mathematics and began working at Seattle University in 2001.  He also served as a Visiting Professor in the Departamento de Ingenier´ıa Hidr´aulica y Ambiental at the Pontificia Universidad Cat´olica de Chile during a sabbatical in 2008.  As a result of that experience, he now teaches a course in winter quarter on a two-year rotation entitled Mathematical Models of Near-Shore Phenomena, in which students are introduced to mathematical models of waves in the ocean and then spend nine days in Chile learning from Chilean experts and experiencing Chilean culture.   

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