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Written by Sofia Marti, '23

January 20, 2023

Graphic showing Study Abroad

Education Abroad hosts special dinner for students who recently returned from different corners of the globe.

On January 17, Seattle University’s Education Abroad office hosted its annual welcome home dinner for SU students who were abroad in fall quarter. The night was filled with students buzzing with excitement as everyone was able to share their stories, showcase one thing that they brought back with them to the United States and catch up over some delicious food.

“This is my favorite event of the year because we get to hear about everyone’s amazing experiences,” says Jennifer Chan, an Education Abroad advisor.

The event consisted of several roundtable discussions between students based around different topics related to their time abroad. Toward the end of the dinner, the advisors had all the students stand up and move to either side of the room based on whether or not they agreed or disagreed with statements written on the board that related to their unique experiences and how they compared with others studying abroad.

“The best part of being abroad was that I could be doing the most mundane tasks in London, but they still felt amazing,” says Ally Wallace, ’24. “No matter what I was doing I could always stop, look around, take it in and realize that I was in London. This was what I wanted to be doing and I was actually doing it.”

Another student who shared their experience was Abby Eom, ’23, who studied in Korea. 

“Being in Korea was a great experience for me because I loved being in the land of my ancestors and I felt this connection to the country that I have never felt before in the United States,” says Eom. “It was a really special time for me.”

The night was filled with laughter and excitement as students were able to share their most iconic nights out while abroad, friends they made, memories with their host families, discoveries while exploring a new city and country and more. As someone who spent the fall studying in Paris, it felt like we were all transported back to different parts of the world and back to experiences that will stay with us forever.

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