Campus Community

Staying Well

Written by Sofia Marti, '23

March 15, 2023

Students pet a dog during De-Stress with Dogs event.

Image credit: Parker Wichelmann

One of the popular events hosted by HAWC is the quarterly De-Stress with Dogs.

Student-led Health and Wellness Crew provides peer-to-peer support. 

This story is part of a series spotlighting Seattle University student clubs. In this installment we go inside HAWC, one of more than 100 student-run clubs on campus.

Although college is a very exciting time for students, it can also be extremely overwhelming. With classes, social life, personal relationships and countless other factors, it can be too much for some to handle without a support system. That is why the Health and Wellness Crew (HAWC) at Seattle University was created, to help navigate students who may at times feel lost.

The club is composed of student volunteers who are trained as certified peer health educators. They are available to answer questions, offer support and provide resources both on and off campus depending on the individual’s needs. HAWC also offers great community-building events that are meant to ensure the wellness of students including the popular De-Stress with Dogs that occurs each quarter before finals.

“The club’s mission is to promote healthy decision-making through education, prevention and peer support,” says secretary-treasurer for HAWC Peter Nguyen, ’23. “We always try to create new ways to display innovative workshops and events to allow others to have fun but to also make it informational and gain a better insight of our mission for the community.”

With a wide range of students from different backgrounds offering peer-to-peer support, HAWC is available to meet students by appointment as needed. Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to feel confident in talking about challenging issues with a stranger or someone older because you may not feel comfortable. The beauty of HAWC is that they are all students, which allows you to talk to someone who knows what you're going through.

“I hope to impact more lives in Seattle University’s community to create more awareness and diminish stigmas and prejudices,” including around issues related to sexuality and mental health, says Nguyen.

Learn more about HWAC and its resources, including how to make an appointment. For additional wellness resources available on campus, email