Campus Community

Your Library. Your Success.

Written by Tina Potterf

November 1, 2022

The library’s new video series illuminates the many ways it supports student success on campus.

The Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons is much more than a place to peruse a vast collection of reading materials or a quiet place to study—it’s where students can explore their academic and creative interests and endeavors. 

“We want our students here at Seattle University to succeed in their academic and personal lives––however they measure that success,” says Jacob Smithers, marketing and communications strategist for the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons.

First and foremost is making sure students know what the library has to offer. The new video series created by the library aims to showcase their resources and services to the campus community, while also serving to guide students and faculty/staff who may be new users of the library and learning commons. 

“We recognize that everyone digests information differently––strong visual communication and digital formats are more important than ever,” says Smithers. “Many people prefer to read about or research things online before taking the time to physically enter a space and that totally makes sense. Today’s students are informed and discerning and we want them to have the information they seek quickly and with as few barriers as possible.”

The six videos, the first of their kind for the library, each consists of two to four chapters covering a variety of topics. They are:

These videos go a long way in offering a view of the library and learning commons that can lead to discovery and exploration of all the resources and services available to students. And seasoned library patrons may learn new things as well. 

“Students tell us that there are many instances where they discover something in the library as a senior that they wish they knew as an incoming first-year,” Smithers says. “Data and information support the connection between student success and library use. We’re hoping to reach students earlier in their time here at Seattle University."

Ultimately, says Smithers, it’s about providing another avenue for information and a connection to resources that align with the university's mission of educating the whole person and the library can play an important role in supporting this. 

“We’ve created a variety of ways, including video, to introduce library resources and services and hope students will feel confident coming in and using this wonderful campus asset to its fullest,” he says. “We’re working to create a space that students feel they belong to––the first place they think of going when they need to study, need help or just want to relax.”

Watch these videos and learn more about the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons