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Shaping the Future

June 13, 2022

Faculty will serve as fellows in support of the goals of SU’s strategic directions.

The university recently announced a slate of Provost Fellows who will represent and embed faculty leadership and scholarly expertise throughout the planning and implementation of Reigniting Our Strategic Directions. Nearly 60 colleagues applied to serve as fellows and to support the objectives of goals of the strategic directions, with 33 faculty members selected to serve a one-year term that begins this summer.

As faculty leaders and teacher-scholars, the Provost Fellows will bring their experience and expertise to the strategic effort to strengthen the education SU offers in the Jesuit, liberal arts tradition. These colleagues will share their work as Provost Fellows with the various academic departments and programs and, more broadly, across the university. They will also share their work with peers, providing thoughtful scholarship and models for transforming the academic enterprise to serve a changing student population and to meet the emergent and longstanding challenges of our time.

“I was delighted to see such strong interest in strengthening and transforming our university and was genuinely impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness of the Provost Fellow applications,” says Provost Shane P. Martin. “I am hopeful that all faculty will continue to bring their expertise and energy to a deep and broad engagement with the Reignited Strategic Directions throughout the various phases of our collective work.”

Here's a look at the Provost Fellows and the areas where they will focus their work: 

Goal 1: Sustainability and Climate Change
John Armstron
Tanya Hayes
Mark Jordan
Wes Lauer
Phillip Thompson

Goal 1: Racial Injustice and Widening Economic Inequity
Edward Donalson
Maureen Feit
Hazel Hahn
Alex Johnston
Hye-Kyung Kang

Goal 1: Rapid Technological Change and its Societal and Economic Impacts
Wan Bae
Julie Homchick Crowe
Yen-Lin Han
Matthew Rellihan
Matthew Whitlock

Goal 1: University Core
Lyn Gualtieri
Hilary Hawley
Stacey Jones
Kate Koppelman
David Neel
Nova Robinson
Eric Severson
Donna Teevan

Goal 1: Ignatian Pedagogy, Experiential Learning, Universal Design
Stephen Luckey
Kerry Soo Von Esch

Goal 1: Community-Engaged Learning
Rebecca McNamara
Estella Williamson

Goal 2: Scholarship Mission and Culture
Nalini Iyer

Goal 2: Faculty Performance and Evaluation
Amelia Derr

Goal 3: Enhancing the Student Experience
Patrick Schoettmer
Sarah Shultz

Goal 4: Supporting LIFT SU Initiatives
Hidy Basta
Rashmi Chordiya