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Meet Your New President: Braelyn Scheer

Written by Sofia Marti, '23

October 3, 2022

Color photo of student Braelyn Scheer.

Getting students more involved and elevating their voices among priorities of the new Student Body President.

“Are we thriving or are we surviving?” asks Braelyn Scheer, ’23.

As the school year came to a close, so did the voting for the new cabinet of the Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU). All members of SGSU represent different parts of the student body, but the one position that serves as a voice for all is the Student Body President. And this fall Scheer officially began her tenure as president. 

While pursuing a degree in Political Science and double minors in Spanish and Sociology, Scheer is already involved in so much on campus including SGSU, where she previously served as Executive Vice President. From Buckley, Wash., prior to coming to SU Scheer earned an associate degree by doing Running Start in high school. Before she graduates from SU, she wants to make a difference and leave an imprint on the university that will better the experience for all who follow. 

“Shared passion is really rare and a lot of us have been deprived of that,” Scheer says about her reasons to continue in student government. “Gaining that this year at SGSU has truly been a gift and that’s why I wanted to continue serving this fall. I didn’t want to sit back and wait because these past two years has been too much waiting.” 

In her time with SGSU, Scheer has worked on several initiatives, including helping organize Mental Health Awareness Week and working with Chartwells, the university’s food services partner, to provide nutritious meals at a lower cost. 

“As president, it’s not me showing up telling SGSU what to do. I see my role as a bridge between students and the administration,” she says. “I believe my biggest responsibility over this next year is empowering the student representatives on the cabinet to do the best job they can.” 

Another priority is around engagement and building community that is authentic and reflective of the student population at SU. Scheer has noticed there is a reluctancy among some students to get involved or participate in activities and events, likely because of a feeling of not belonging or uncertainty around resources available to them. She wants SGSU to be that place for all students. 

“I want better communication between SGSU and the student body so that we are a more visible resource that students feel comfortable and encouraged to use.”  

Braelyn’s Faves
Music, artist or band: Frank Ocean 

Bingeable TV show: Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Study space on campus: Casey Atrium

Place in Seattle: Japanese Gardens 

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

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