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Is the university extending its flex parking option for employees?

January 4, 2022

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Yes. Transportation and Parking Services shares the following:

In order to assist employees as they transition back to campus through Winter Quarter and in light of the delay in starting in-person classes, we will be extending an additional 15 flex days of parking with ORCA enrollment through the end of March 2022. This will provide enrollees with a total of 10 complimentary parking passes each month. Currently enrolled employees have already received notice of their regular allotment of parking for Winter Quarter. An additional 15 days of parking will be activated for enrolled employees prior to January 14th. If enrolled in the program, please ensure your ORCA flex-parking permit is validated through the Permit Store for the day you are parked. Those needing to park on campus more than 30 days a during the quarter may purchase daily parking passes through the Permit Store for $8/day. 

If you are interested in enrolling in the program, please visit SU Employee ORCA Transit Pass. General information on how ORCA works can be found here