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RedhawkTHON Year-End Celebration

Written by Sofia Marti

June 2, 2022

Image of students gathered during a recent fundraising event.

Celebrating student-led philanthropy in support of Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Each year, Seattle U’s student-led RedhawkTHON raises funds for Seattle Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Care Fund and Immunotherapy Cancer Research to ensure that every family can afford life-saving treatment for their children.

On June 4, the community is invited to come together at Campion Ballroom for an end-of-year celebration that includes stories from children and their families, plus games, dancing, prizes and a silent auction. 

To learn more about the event, I spoke with Carson Price, the executive director of RedhawkTHON. 

RedhawkTHON, formerly Dance Marathon, will be split up into different parts, with each hour honoring one of four kid ambassadors from Seattle Children’s: Malachi, Emmy, Alexis and Roarke. There will be a candle lighting ceremony to honor these amazing kids and their families. 

“What’s important for me is being the voice for people that don’t have one. These kids are heroes and we work with them to spread the word that these illnesses are beatable,” says Price. “We know these kids, we hang out with them and it’s been amazing to get to know them and their families. They’re truly inspirational.” 

Toward the end of the event, RedhawkTHON will perform a Morale Dance, which entails having every participant come together and learn the dance to raise additional money to cap off the academic year. 

At the very end of the event, the total amount of money raised will be announced and any future donations beyond that point will be given to next year’s donation fund. 

RedhawkTHON is free and open to everyone, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., June 4 at Campion Ballroom.